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Consultants company on problems relating to urban and regional planning, landscape, architecture, structural engineering, and electrical engineering, interior designing and to carry on the business of the above on any project work of any type.

What we do:

Undertake the business of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology, integration and solution, and mapping consultancy including database development.

  • Engineering, and
  • Agriculture


  • Geographic Information System
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Engineering

Why choose Tunsun:

Carry on any transport goods, passenger, merchandise, commodities, live stocks and materials by motor cars, trucks, lorries, buses, trams, light railways, road ways


  • We Carry on the business of clearing and forwarding agents, courier and cargo handlers, handling and haulage contractors, warehousemen, common carriers by land, rail, water and air, container agents, to handle goods and passengers within the country and outside and to carry on the business of tour and travel operators


We also undertake borehole drilling services and undertake water technology including tube well digging, repairs and maintenance, non-destructive testing, inspection and monitoring of water level, maintenance of pipe lines and engineering services.

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We carry on the business of oil and gas prospecting, exploration, field development, production, refiners, storers, suppliers, and distributors of petroleum and petroleum products in all its branches.

Database management

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Web mapping and urban planning

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Crop Planning, Scouting, Mapping, Compliance, Grower Access, and yes, Precision are all connected; providing consultancy in accuracy, and driving efficiency.


Precision enhances the process of ‘sampling to prescription’ by providing order fulfillment within a single tool.


We make it easy to understand what the coming crop season looks like, and allows you to offer well-informed agronomic decision support to your growers.